When to Use a Pressure Snubber and How to Choose One

July 16th, 2010 by Dale Foster, Jr.
Pressure Gauge Snubber

Pressure Gauge Snubber

Did you know that a pressure snubber will protect pressure gauges from the harmful effects of vibrations generated in

 a pressurized system? The pressure snubber works by evening out the rate at which the fluid or gas being measured arrives.  While the snubber does not alter the pressure of the process, it will lessen the pulsation on the line, thereby improving the consistency of the gauge reading, and extending the effective lifetime of that particular gauge.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, doesn’t a fluid filled gauge achieve the same result?  Well, yes it does.  Most of the time you will need a snubber though, is after you have already installed a liquid filled gauge.  In many intensely pressurized systems, you would start out by installing a liquid filled gauge to improve the readability of the gauge, while also offering it some protection.  But some pressure systems are so intensive that you need to install a snubber in addition to the liquid filled gauge.

As with all pressure system components, the price of a snubber varies based on a number of factors.  At the low end of the scale, are porous disc snubbers.  These snubbers utilize a fixed mesh disc to provide steady gauge measurements.  The price is heavily dependent upon the size, material, and pressure rating of the snubber.  Higher end snubbers utilize a piston mechanism which can drive up the price.

If you feel your system might be improved with a pressure snubber, make sure that you choose one suitable to the process in which it will be used.   Installing a snubber with a low PSI rating in a highly pressurized system will inevitably lead to problems. (The least expensive snubbers are typically rated to 1000PSI.)  When you are selecting a snubber, be sure to check the pressure generated by your system, and then choose a snubber with an appropriate PSI range.

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